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Electrical Upgrades for Solar
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Electrical Upgrades From Empire Solar

Many homes in New York need updated electric service panels. While generally reliable, electrical panels will show signs of wear over time. If your electric panel is over 25 years old, it needs to be updated.

Empire Solar’s skilled team of electricians will upgrade your old electrical service panel to a brand new 200 Amp panel for a fraction of what it would cost elsewhere. Upgrading an electrical panel is dangerous! Only professional licensed electricians, such as those on our team, should be considered when upgrading your electrical panel.

Connecting public utility lines to your electrical system, a home’s electrical panel distributes power to all parts of your house. A significant benefit of upgrading your electrical panel is ensuring your home remains safe and uses electricity efficiently. These panels usually last for decades, but if yours is outdated or too underpowered for the amount of electricity you’re using, you’ll suffer from poor electrical efficiency and system overloads. Most importantly, a malfunctioning panel could cause an electrical fire, so upgrading your panel is a critical part of keeping your family safe. 

While safety is paramount, this upgrade also guarantees an efficient flow of electricity throughout your home. No more flickering lights and resetting breakers! You can connect additional appliances without worrying the extra electrical load will trip your breakers or blow fuses.

With the growing number of electrical devices homeowners use daily, the typical panel size for modern homes is 200 amps. Most electrical panel upgrades involve replacing an old 100- or 150-amp panel with a 200-amp panel. And upgrading your electrical panel increases your home’s resale value. Potential buyers will know there’s a low risk of electrical shortages and life-threatening fires caused by system overloads.

Please remember that upgrading or replacing your electrical panel isn’t a do-it-yourself job. Working with any electrical system is dangerous, so our electricians must be well-trained and appropriately licensed. According to the National Fire Protection Association, about 46,700 house fires are caused by faulty electrical work yearly. Whoever upgrades your panel, make sure they are trained electricians with knowledge of the correct electrical codes and procedures.

Call one of our energy advisors today to see if your electric service should be upgraded.


Use your solar savings to cover up to 100% of the cost of a new roof.

Electrical Upgrades

Upgrade your old electric service for as little as $10/month.

Tree Removal

We’ll help maximize your home’s solar potential for no upfront cost.


The most well-reviewed solar company in the Hudson Valley

We were very pleased with the price and professionalism of the salesperson (Mike) and everyone we spoke with. The installation was completed in several hours, in December of 2018. By spring, our electric bill was $20 plus tax, the bare minimum for O & R services. Awesome company!

Karrie Olick

Great experience! Super easy to communicate with. They went out of their way to come and fix a problem I was having which we later found out wasn’t even related to their work. Very friendly. Highly recommend!

Eduardo Marques

I am very happy that I decided to go solar, after speaking to both Will and Adam who are very knowledgeable about value and effectiveness of the system. Great customer service! I received from Shannon, she was very patient and helpful.

Tashiya Porteous-Bell

Had an all around great experience with Empire Solar. We had no idea getting solar would be so easy and financially doable. Will is a super nice dude and did a great job of explaining everything to us. And Shannon has been great at guiding us through all the post-installation set up. Highly recommended!

Joe Lops

Our bills BEFORE panels were outrageous! The last two years, we have SAVED over $4000 in electric bills – EACH YEAR! BEST DECISION we ever made – we are VERY HAPPY with our solar panels!

As for the price of the panels – we got great tax deductions, and the monthly cost is still LESS than what we paid for electric before panels.

Susan Ekker

We had a wonderful experience with Empire Solar! They replaced our roof and put on the panels. Communication was amazing.  Everyone was so helpful and knowledgeable throughout the whole experience.

Kristin Siegriest

Empire Solar Solutions made this process extremely easy, it took little effort from my end. Empire had me up and running in less then a month. Workers and staff members are professional and efficient, keeping me informed throughout the entire process.

Joel Rodriguez

Empire Solar Solutions has made this the best decision I have made in my adult life. All the reasons to go solar are self explanatory, however all the reasons to go solar with EMPIRE may not be. Their team walked me through every single step of this process and they were very deliberate in explaining each phase of the process so I never felt like I was waiting in the dark. Empire never allowed any of my questions to go unanswered….. and I had A LOT of questions. On behalf of the Chestnut family, thank you Empire!

Quinzel Chestnut II

After I heard a friend rave about Empire Solar Solutions, I decided to find out more. From my first inquiry – through post installation check ins – every person I have encountered has been knowledgeable, professional and interested in customer satisfaction. If you are considering going solar, there is no question Empire Solar Solutions is the way to go!

Stephanie Fuentes

Empire made the transition to solar so easy. They were very responsive to any questions we had! I would recommend them to anyone! Taylor, our consultant made the process easy from the start!

Jenn Caldwell